Your Process with Us


At Sound Retirement, we understand that everyone’s financial journey is unique. That’s why we are committed to devoting time to better understand your personal financial goals in order to create a customized plan that specifically suits your needs.


We are dedicated to creating a detailed financial strategy that is tailored exactly to meet your fiscal needs and goals. Have peace of mind knowing that when working with Sound Retirement, we will never push you into a financial plan that isn’t right for you.


If you feel satisfied and happy with the service that we’ve provided for you, then and only then, we will discuss taking our professional relationship to the next level by welcoming you to the Sound Retirement family. If you feel like we’re just not the right fit for you, we promise to wish you well on your financial future.

Three Bucket Approach

Liquid Bucket

Enough to cover emergency reserves and known purchases/expenses within the first few years of retirement.

Income Bucket

Least amount of assets necessary to produce the guaranteed level of income that you need/want.

Growth Bucket

Remainder of assets invested so that you take the least amount of risk to generate the rate of return goal.