James knows how to help people invest their money wisely. After spending 1 hour with him, I learned a much better way to save for retirement.

Ty B.

Due to the integrity and honesty that Sound Retirement has shown with people I have worked with I referred my parents. His knowledge and follow-through were incredible. I would refer this company again and again and again!!!

Candace T.

I met with James 3 times before making a decision about my life insurance. I had a ton of questions and wanted to make sure I knew all the requirements and stipulations on what I was buying. He must have answered and re-answered questions for 4 hours during the final meeting. He is patient, sincere, and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend anyone higher for life insurance whether you are purchasing term or permanent. I’ve even referred family members to him that he followed up with immediately. In an industry with less than an ideal reputation James Fowler is a rare gem of honesty and integrity.

Jared E.

James is a genuinely great guy with a lot of knowledge in Finances and Retirement!

Dave H

James is highly knowledgeable, trustworthy, and truly has his client’s best interests in mind! I highly recommend him! 5 Stars

Scott H.

So like many of you when the market crashed , we where told it was going to be okay that’s what our agent told us . We where wrong to believe what he said we almost lost all of our investments. So like many we started searching for a agent that we could trust and would not try to sell us , but educate us on how to invest our money and a an agent that you would make us money. After several attempts at this we decided to meet with James Fowler who not only educated us on the ins and out and different ways of investing our money , but he also got to know us what are wants where , what our concerns where and just simply talked with us . After several meeting with James we made the decision to to invest with him , It was a painless process . We came to know James as a great agent but also as a good honest , integrity driven person , not trying to sale you on a product but educating and finding out what your needs are . We finally starting making money for once on our investment . look forward to working with James now and in the future . Thanks James

John W

I am grateful for meeting with James and planning how to make the best out of my retirement and life insurance. His knowledge and witty demeanor are relaxing and reassuring. Thanks James. If you are looking for someone you can trust contact James today.

Gilbert Q.

James is very knowledgeable and does a great job of keeping your best interest in mind. If you are looking for guidance for your ideal retirement goal, you should call James!

Lori M

James has a wealth of knowledge in retirement planning. He presents information in an interesting and understandable way. He truly wants to help his clients understand how to navigate retirement with the assets they have available to them. I will recommend James to anyone in need of retirement planning/education.

Robbie B.

James has an amazingly broad and deep knowledge of the retirement world. James can make planning for retirement less threatening and scary and simplify it so it is an easy step by step process. I would highly recommend James to anyone who is looking to gain more insight into retirement planning.

Michael B.

James knows what he’s talking about. From taxes to assets, he helps his clients view finance in a way that they understand. Making this kind of topic easy for the consumer is paramount to their success, and James has that down pat. I trust all of my referrals to James’ care.

Bethany N.

James is a man of knowledge. I’m often taken back by the amount of solid financial information James shares with his colleagues and clients. It can get complex, but James has a way to simplify it and paint a direct road to meet his client’s goals. James goes beyond planning for the future, and is a fantastic life resource for his clients.

Jason F.

I never thought getting life insurance would be fun; but James is a hoot! Not only did he find me a great policy at a decent rate, but also managed to get everything finalized before I left for my trip to visit family. I am almost 60 with a chronic condition and still was able to get this policy. Thank you, James. You’re superb.

Maribeth S.

You can always count on James to give you the right advice to meet your specific retirement needs. He will take the time to listen to you and put together a strategic game plan for your financial success.

John H.

James is one of those people who you just know in your heart will do his best to help anyone with anything! When it comes to finances he will help the person who needs to learn how to do their checkbook all the way to the seasoned investor looking for better returns!I always feel comfortable sending my clients and friends to work with James!

Wayne H.