Life Happens – Understand How to Plan for the Unexpected

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Where Does All the Money Go?

  • I thought we were doing ok…until my husband lost his job.
  • I never expected to suffer a stroke before I turned 40.
  • I want to send my daughter to college, but I don’t know how to pay for it.
  • I don’t understand where my money keeps disappearing to. I don’t spend that much!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? How many times have you asked yourself where all your money is, despite budgeting, using a 401(k), and paying for insurance?

My name is James Fowler Jr. and I help people build and protect their dreams with creative, flexible finance plans to ensure your money will always be there.

Life Happens – Understand How to Plan for the Unexpected

My parents had a simple philosophy for managing personal finances: make sure you have a roof over your head, food on the table, and save anything extra.

Today, many people live paycheck to paycheck, limiting their budget planning between the 1st and 15th of each month. In other words, they are taking a regular income for granted.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of work – home – work, without seeing your bank account grow. I can help get you out.

Stability + Flexibility = Sustainability

My objective is to help you identify your long-term financial goals and how to anticipate and respond to any obstacles, current or future, that may stand in your way.

I specialize in designing financial and retirement plans that are immune to market fluctuations. I teach you how to incorporate the best practices and products to build Stable Savings, prioritizing Flexible Plans to ensure you have options about when and how you exercise your benefits.

Stable savings with flexible retirement planning equates to protected, Sustainable Income. In other words, I help you create income that will always be there.

Retirement Planner

Life Insurance can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. I would like to help you protect your dreams by helping you set up a strong retirement plan.

Financial Advisor

When choosing to work with a Tacoma financial planner there are many variables you need to consider. The biggest factor is finding a financial planner you can trust.

Corporate Plans

Save money by choosing Sound Retirement for your small business or corporation.  Our corporate plans cover life insurance, financial planning, and retirement planning.

Frequent Questions About Sound Retirement

What is Sound Retirement’s mission?
My name is James Fowler Jr., and I am a Tacoma Financial Advisor who established Sound Retirement in 2004 to address the increasingly common problem of people either dying too soon or living too long. In today’s unpredictable economy, too many people are finding themselves without sufficient funds to retire on or cover other major life expenses. I teach people creative strategies for growing their existing savings into stable, sustainable funds that are protected from market fluctuations.
What are the problems you help clients solve as a Tacoma Financial Advisor?
Long-term financial planning can be simple, but it’s not intuitive for most people. How did we go from charge cards to financing lattes and cheeseburgers? Simply put, I help people learn how to make decisions that will advance their individual financial goals, from learning how to budget to financing a car, with the ultimate objective of setting you up for a secure and comfortable retirement.
What are the advantages of working with an Independent Financial Advisor?  
I help people build and protect their dreams. As an independent advisor, my recommendations are not limited to one company’s offerings. Rather, I match you with the best benefits available through the nation’s leading retirement services companies, factoring in what products are appropriate for your unique goals. My plans are grounded in the proven idea that Stability + Flexibility = Sustainability. I show my clients how to leverage stable, flexible financing options for a sustainable retirement fund that is immune to market swings. Additionally, I have the freedom to approach financial planning from an educational standpoint, teaching my clients the basics of budgeting, investing, and retirement planning through creative assignments and activities.
Who do you see yourself as in relation to the client?
I play three interrelated roles for each of my clients. First, I am an advisor, connecting you with products and services from my approved list of retirement planning companies. Second, I work as a teacher, educating my clients on how to modify their current spending patterns for optimal long-term financial health. Finally, I am a support system, available to you for when life happens and you need immediate assistance.
What kind of client is most likely to succeed when working with you?
I help my clients get to the next step with their financial situation; my success as an advisor depends on your willingness and ability to follow through with my suggestions. Accordingly, the clients with the best success rate are those who are proactive, prepared to take initiative, and open-minded. I offer creative yet practical solutions for financial stability and retirement planning for those who think in possibilities – what would you do if you felt financially secure?
Where are you located?
I am based in Tacoma and work with local clients only, not exceeding the limits of Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties.
What are some additional resources for those looking to learn more about retirement planning?
The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education is an excellent resource for better understanding your insurance options as a business, family, or individual, while Americans for Secure Retirement helps you address questions related to retirement planning.